‘Limitless’ gives new meaning to well-informed

McKenzie Sixt

Living life to the fullest as the best version of oneself is possible for Bradley Cooper in the new film, “Limitless”, released March 18.

Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a struggling, depressed writer who quickly transforms into a Wall Street demigod after ‘smart drug’, NZT, gives him the abilities to achieve limitless success.

However, his success is only limitless as long as he keeps taking his regular dosage of the untested drug NZT.

While on NZT Cooper’s character is able to access 100 percent of his brain, using information and everything around him to it’s full potential. His new found genius allows him to make a fortune in the stock market and lead a lifestyle of riches that he never imagined possible before NZT.

Cooper’s character quickly becomes fluent in a number of foreign languages and is able to engage others with his endless knowledge.

The elaborate lifestyle allows Cooper’s character to win back his previous girlfriend only to loose her again. She is not satisfied with the idea that his new lifestyle is all made possible by a pill and not his own determination.

The unprecedented success and new found fortune attracts the attention of some shady characters. A stalker and a group of greedy gangsters are constantly threatening the dwindling supply of NZT.

On Wall Street, the side effects of NZT, blackouts and physical agony, keep Cooper’s character struggling to keep up with the monumental merging of two corporate companies.

As Cooper’s character becomes more invested in the drug he learns that the side effects of NZT may not be worth it’s lure. The side effects are seen in previous NZT users when Cooper discovers most of them are either dead or awaiting death in the hospital.

Like the ups and downs of the stock-market the movie is a constant cycle of gains and loses.

Cooper’s character looses his stash, and through a series of strange events is able to get his fix just before the side effects of NZT threaten his life.

Viewer’s are kept guessing throughout the film even with Cooper’s character providing helpful narration.

By the film’s end viewers feel almost as worn out as Cooper’s character when he is off NZT. The never-ending twists and turns keep viewers struggling to keep up pace.

The film does justice for Bradley Cooper fans looking to get lost in his crystal blue eyes for two hours, but otherwise the chaotic plot is better kept for a rainy day rental.

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