Folie a Deux not such a folie

John Franz

I try to distance myself from bands like Fall Out Boy, although they are from my hometown of Chicago, a friend of mine told me I just had to listen to their new album “Folie A Deux”.

I sat and listened to it and was blown away on how great it was.  The first title on the track listings made me laugh because I was trying to figure out what a song about ‘Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes’ could possibly be about.

As a single guy living in Southern California, it made me giggle like a teenage girl, but in my own opinion it is the best song on the record.

Although my taste in music is not based on what MTV may tell you (keeping in mind I’m old enough to remember when they played music), the featured song, “I Don’t Care,” flows gracefully as the second song on the track listing. It took me a few listenings to see how great it is to really appreciate the musical genius boys from Chicago play, and I honestly was not a fan of them until this album. 

It has a hip-hop/rock mix to the beat, which is unusual to me  but I think it worked together quite well.  They have remixes of some of their tracks in the bonus features of the CD which features an acoustic version of “Hey Donnie What a Catch” that is absolutely amazing. If you listen carefully to the regular version of the song you may hear, some old Fall Out Boy tunes in the background, all and all this was the first decent CD I have heard at the start of the year.

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