Acrobatics Everyday best kept secret to hear good tunes

Calvin Johnson performs at Acrobatics Everyday on the UCI campus. (Melissa Conser)

Melissa Conser

Music lovers all over southern Orange County will rejoice to learn there is a place, only a few exits north on the freeway where one can see favorite local bands, a place to expand one’s musical range and find new bands.

Acrobatics Everyday is a student-run event “working to bring rad musicians and artists to the UC Irvine campus, filling the void and closing the gaps,” says their Web site at

Just this past Saturday I had the privilege of seeing Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening and The Halo Benders perform, and even dance, at Acrobatics.

It pleased me to see a celebrated artist perform in a humble setting. However, when I looked at the meager audience, it was a bit sad. There was, maybe 20 people there. Then again, it is possible no one has a clue about Acrobatics in fact it is the likeliest reason for such a small turnout.

So, here is your chance. Support Acrobatics and see bands to your liking for the bargain price of $5 a show. All proceeds go to the bands performing and operational costs.

Bands that have appeared in the past are, but not limited to Japanther, Mount Eerie, Indian Jewelry, Red Pony Clock and Parenthetical Girls.

For further information, one can visit their Web site to subscribe to their mailing list. For those who utilize popular social networks, visit them on MySpace at, or on Facebook at

The small yet intimate crowd enjoys the music. (Melissa Conser)

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