Indie musician Ryan Lerman entertains at free concert series

Melanie Roberts

Ryan Lerman performs "This is My Piano."

Ryan Lerman performs “This is My Piano.”

Indie musician Ryan Lerman sang his way through the first free noon concert series of the semester on Aug. 29 in the McKinney Theater to what he called a “very attentive audience.”

Lerman has toured with artists Vanessa Carlton, Joshua Radin, Pomplamoose, Ben Folds and most recently Michael Bublé.

The 26-year-old entertained Saddleback College students and faculty with covers as well as original songs from his album, “Pinstripes, The Sky,” ending every song with a “thank you guys.”

Lerman was recruited by music instructor Ariel Alexander to play the gig. He said he first met her when he attended the University of Southern California. She led a combo that he was in five years ago.

“I never had a better teacher,” Lerman said. “You guys are lucky.”

Alexander introduced him onstage, “He was the dorkiest 18-year-old when I met him, but I love his writing, his music, his producing, so he’s really great.”

Accompanied by guitarist Brian Green, drummer Blair Sinta and bassist Craig Polasko, Lerman started the show off with one of his most popular songs, “Only Everyday.”

A few songs into the performance, Lerman moved to the piano, “Ben Folds style,” to play, “This is my Piano.”

Other songs he performed included “Too Many Songs,” about the excess of songs out today and “Baby It’s Alright,” which he dedicated to Alexander’s unborn child.

One particular song he sang was personal to his life. “Cellophane,” was written after the end of a relationship.

“Sometimes you know it’s the right thing to do, it’s gotta be done, so why not write a song about it,” Lerman said.

After 12 songs, Lerman ended with, “Do With You.”

“Its such a privilege to get to play in such a nice room, with nice people, where it sounds nice,” Lerman said. “I had a great time.”

“It was a great room,” Green said. “It’s the first show I’ve done in Mission Viejo and it’s great to play for people who are listening. Most of the time people are on their phones and things.”

Kassie White, 19, music major, said she attended with her applied music class.

“I thought it was awesome,” White said. “This style is what I’m more into and it’s what I wanna do, cause I play bass. I really liked it.”

The next noon concert series will feature the Dmitry Rachmanov All-Scriabin Recital on Oct. 3.

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