Happening/Unhappening 3

Saddleback College will bring together music, theater, dance, painting and ceramics in one stage for an innovative experience this Friday in the Studio Theatre.

The dance performers will come to the sculptures and defile the sculptures.

“What is so cool of this performance is that it is based on improve, you don’t know what is really going to happen,” said ceramics instructor Richard White. “Both in the sculpture, in the jazz, in the painting, we have some theater movement in there and it’s all improve.”

The event will be a mix of different artistic disciplines and feature many of Saddleback’s instructors including Rick Reese (art), Joey Sellers (jazz), Ariel Alexander (instrumental music) and Heidi Prince (choreography) will be participating on stage.

“The idea is based on improve and spontaneity that relate to one media to another and we hope that some wonderful new thing happens for one another with this or who knows it may all become chaos and ruble,” White said. “So we really don’t what will happen in the performance and that is the beauty of it because it’s not really a play.”

The “Happening/Unhappening” will also feature New Orleans spoken word poet Chuck Perkins.

Perkins will be bringing his poetry into the blend of artistic expression.

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