Freshmen take center stage

Katie Mastro

freshman center stageThe Four Freshmen performed in the McKinney Theater on Sunday, Sept. 16 at 3 p.m. to an enchanted audience.

The show was anticipated by some, and was sold out.

“I was in high school in the 1950s,” said audience member Sunny Hartman. “They really sounded like the original Four Freshmen in regards to the arrangements and harmonies.”

The audience applauded vociferously whenever the group started playing a song they recognized. On a couple occasions, the band unintentionally fooled the audience into thinking a song was finished as the audience hooted and clapped loudly, only to trigger smirks from the band members and the commencement of the song. This eagerness shows how intensely the audience enjoyed the concert and past musings it provoked.

“Oh I don’t remember the song titles as much,” Hartman said. “But like that last one, ‘After you’re gone,’ I remembered that one.”

The Four Freshmen is a name that has been around for a few decades. This concert was performed by the latest edition of the Four Freshmen.

“The original Four Freshmen started in 1948, and they recorded several things,” said Kate Realista, Director of Performing Arts. “After the 1950’s, there has been three reincarnations. One of the original members of the Four Freshmen, Bob Flanigan, oversees the current group.”

The current Four Freshmen harmonize in an extraordinary way. Their voices and instrumental tunes mix in such a way that is very pleasing to the ear.

“They have a very unique vocal blend, but on top of that, they also play instruments, which when added together is very rare in a music group,” Realista said. “But unfortunately if they lose just one member, there will be a big problem. It would be hard for them to replace him because they’ll have to find someone who harmonizes and plays that particular instrument like he did.”

This performance was publicized through the Saddleback College Performing and Visual Arts flyer that informs the community of upcoming music, theatre arts, concert hour, dance, and art gallery information.

“I, like so many of the people seated around us, get community advertisements,” Hartman said. “It goes to everyone in the community. That is how I learn about the plays and musicals that are put on around here, but I particularly like this theater: McKinney is a good theater.”

The Four Freshmen, who have been traveling around performing and recording.

“There is a master class, ” Realista said. “Where the band members will assist students both vocally and instrumentally.”

There were more audience members than anticipated at the concert as well as the Master Class.

“It was moved from Fine Arts 101 to the stage,” said Fine Arts Dean Rocco J. Cifone. “Because there isn’t enough room in FA 101.”

The Four Freshmen Master Class was in Dr. Scott Farthing’s intermediate Voice Class on Monday, Sept. 17 at 10:20 a.m.

Further information about the Four Freshmen is available their website,, including information about the band members,  the history of their group and its predecessor, and tour schedule. Visitors may also listen to songs, and even purchase one of the group’s CDs.


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