Dance Collective 2009 entertains a sold-out house

Courtney Johnson

Students in Saddleback College’s Dance Collective 2009 performed various types of dance in the McKinney Theatre, displaying the artistic side of Saddleback students. The performance, directed by Dorothy Anderson Garant, was held from April 30 to May 2 and was wildly popular: it almost sold-out every night.

The show exhibited student dancers only, all of who were given a chance to show off what they have been practicing for months. Each act included a story, such as “The Crush,” an ‘80s flashback about a typical high school crush.

“It’s about a new outcast guy and a popular girl,” said Taylor Campbell, 20, university studies, one of the dancers. “At first she does not want anything to do with him, but then they overcome their differences and end up falling for each other. At the end, everyone excepts who they are.”

“The Crush” was a blast from the past, using songs like “Footloose” and elaborate, brightly colored outfits.

The dance presentation included jazz, ballet, modern, and tap performances. With 13 acts in the show, the diversity of the styles and dancers was clearly displayed. “The Tempest” was a solo ballet act, danced by Anna Kang, which executed the poise of ballet.

Music from the show was eclectic and matched the different styles of the dancers. Artists varied from The Dresden Dolls to Metallica and James Brown. The diverse syles allowed the audience to relate to a particular performance or song.

The act “Enough With the Blues,” choreographed by Nastasja Ayala, was a sensual jazz performance mixed with modern moves, performed by many talented girls who have worked hard to be where they are today.

“I have been dancing for four years before I came to America,” said Irina Nilsen, 18, nursing, another dancer. “I thought my performance tonight went great, way better than any of our rehearsals.”

The Dance Collective appeared to entertain the audience of friends, family, and fellow Saddleback students.

“I came to support a friend,” said Joey Bernardo, an audience member. “In all honesty, I did not think the performance would be very entertaining to someone like me because this is the first dance performance I have ever been to. I can say I am pleasantly surprised and it is much better than I thought it would be.”

The show had a great turnout and was a success for the dancers themselves. For many of these students, who aspire to pursue a career in dance, dancing in the Dance Collective gives them the opportunities they need to excel in the future.

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