Art interest spans generational gap

Barbara Ann Beaven-Buhl starts a drawing in class (SHANNON PATRICK/LARIAT STAFF)

Shannon Patrick

Everyone seems to have the same pattern in life. Go to school, grow up, graduate high school and college and then have a career. By about 60 years old, some people are already retiring from their careers. Art is one of the few careers that could last a life time.

Barbara Ann Beaven-Buhl is a current Saddleback college art student. Buhl is not the typical art student. She is 74 years old and keeping her love for art in her life. Buhl said she came took a drawing class Saddleback as a way to keep busy after 54 years of marriage.

“I love art,” said Buhl. “I would like to make a couple bucks making black and white cards.”
This is the first time Buhl has taken a drawing class at Saddleback.

“A person at any age can come back,” said instructor David Romeo, “and prove they can do it.”
About 30 years ago she enrolled in the college with her daughter and planned to take an art class but were all filled. So instead she took fashion merchandise and typing.

When she was just 18 years old and a newly high school graduate, Buhl married her boyfriend and became a house wife. Buhl didn’t enter college straight out of high school but she compares herself to t.v. house wife Donna Reed. All the clothes her children wore were sewn and created by her.

Sewing is only one of the talents Buhl has in the art world, she also created black and white drawings and is in the process of mastering watercolor.

“Her art work is clean and professional,” said fellow classmate David “Mac” Smith, 19, Art. “She doesn’t think so cause she is so modest.”

Buhl’s drawing’s are precise and very closely accurate to the object she is recreating on paper. Unlike some students who may rush through or just give up, Buhl takes her time to create the best drawing possible.
“Her drawings are very careful,” said Romeo. “It has an effort and passion.”

Buhl’s advice for all students who go straight to college after college is “stay in school, this is the time to do it.”


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