7 main Dastgah systems of classical Persian music are introduced to Saddleback

Persian instruments will be introduced by the Sibarg Ensemble students after an informational discussion about the 7 Dastgahs on Thurs. March 20 at 5 p.m. in FA 103.

“I actually know one of the guys and the girl from the group. They actually take classes here. He was showing me some of their compositions and it was a mix of classical and Persian music,” said Derrick Wildfong, 20-year-old music major.

The lecture will include a discussion of 7 main Dastgah systems of classical persian music. Following the discussion will be a performance of each system.

Traditional Persian art music has a total of 12 musical modal systems called dastgahs. The dastgah is a type of melody based on the production of a performer’s extemporized pieces. The dastgāh system has been an influence in the magam system in Arabic music and are both deeply rooted in the Sassanid Persia’s melodies which were introduced to the Islamic world and Arab conquest of Iran in the seventh century.

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