Monthly Archive:: May 2010


Keith Cousins The dedication of the Saddleback College Veterans Memorial on Thursday revealed the true character of the college. It was a momentous event that involved students, faculty

Art Exhibition

Best of Show (Courtesy of Bob Rickerson) Monserrath Rodriguez Professor of Art 100 visual Display/exhibition Design, Bob Rickerson, assembled the annual Student Art exhibition of 2010. With the

Calender of Events

SHANNON PATRICK / LARIAT STAFF Tomorrow 12-1 p.m. – Concert Hour; Saddleback Music Students in Recital. Friday and Saturday from 8 – 9:30 p.m., The American Immigrant Experience.

Annual Piano Feast

Classical Sounds (SHANNON PATRICK / LARIAT STAFF) SHANNON PATRICK / LARIAT STAFF The 10th Annual Piano Benefit Concert performed at Irvine Valley College Saturday night. The performance included